Health Report

Have you wondered why disease is increasing in the world today and will affect you or someone you love in the next few years?

Free radical diseases are the leading cause of death in today's society. Very few of us die from old age anymore. Why is this so?

Our bodies are being invaded by disease causing agents called "free radicals" which lead to an increase in disease rates. This is why cancer has increased enormously in recent years (Institute of Health and Welfare), why diabetes is increasing dramatically and asthma is out of control (Center for Disease Control and Prevention).

These free radicals are very aggressive, harmful atoms or molecules that cause cell damage and consequently lead to disease in your body. The Am. J. Clinical Nutrition said: "free radicals and tissue damage processes are well documented and accepted."

It is well accepted by the medical and scientific community that free radicals exist and that they cause disease.

What can prevent and correct free radical damage?

It has been clearly shown in many clinical trials that "antioxidants" neutralise free radicals and, in doing so, reduce disease rates. The Am. J. Clinical Nutrition said: "scavengers, or antioxidants, can prevent or intercept potentially harmful free radical reactions." The Lancet Medical Journal reported a Cambridge University study which showed that antioxidants reduced the rate of death from heart attack by 77%.

It is absolutely clear that "free radicals" exist and cause disease, and that "antioxidants" can help neutralise free radicals and thereby assist in preventing disease (and a consequent premature death).

How does this work?

Health and disease exist as a fine balance in the healthy body. Essentially health and disease are in "equilibrium", with the equation being markedly on the side of health most of the time.

more health than disease

Under normal (healthy) conditions (H), the equilibrium reaction is very much to the left.

more disease than health

When you are sick or have disease (D), the equation moves to the right.

A similar balance (equilibrium) exists between antioxidants (AO) and free radicals (FR). Under normal (healthy) conditions, the equilibrium reaction is very much to the left. You may quickly notice the similarity to the health equation above. So to keep your body healthy, you must keep the equilibrium reaction to the left.

more antioxidants than free radicals

This means:

  • You must have enough antioxidants
  • You must minimise free radical exposure (also known as 'free radical attack')

health and disease

There is a fine balance between health and disease.

This may explain why we are suffering from an ever-increasing rate of deadly diseases today. We no longer have enough antioxidants and we are being exposed to more and more free radicals. This causes the above equilibrium reaction to move to the right and consequently you and your family are faced with an ever increasing number of deadly and debilitating diseases.

How do you prevent disease?
How do you stay healthy and live longer?

You should keep the above equilibrium reaction on the side of health. This is done by:

  • increasing your antioxidant intake
  • decreasing your exposure to free radicals.