Household Products

Many house cleaning products have very toxic and volatile agents in them.

Furthermore many products that are used within the house have been reported to have significant toxic effects. Items such as: paint, carpets, furniture glue (formaldehyde is the worst), plastics, deodorisers, adhesives, insulation and too many more to list.

The only way to combat these poisons is to:

  • Know what is potentially dangerous
  • Learn what toxic substances are in which products
  • Ventilate your house as much as possible
  • Reduce the number of dangerous products in your house
  • Choose safe alternatives, if possible
  • Aerate your products (carpets, furniture, etc.) before putting them in your house.

As a general rule: if it does not smell right then it probably is not good. Eliminate whatever it is from your house (or air it to reduce the smell and therefore reduce the "nasties").

Environmental Pollution

factory - ugh!

Everyone knows that pollution is increasing in the world today. The effects on the world are becoming catastrophic. The green house effect is causing global warming, there are increasing levels of smog in every city, waste accumulation is everywhere causing huge problems with health and esthetics, and the list goes on ... and on ... and on ...