There is much more damage from everyday pollution than most of the community is aware of.

In particular, there are molecules called xenoestrogens (which come from many sources) that are causing enormous changes to health (particularly the female population).

These xenoestrogens come from areas of pollution and environmental toxicity like: pesticides, plastics, petro-chemicals, food emulsifiers and dietary products. These xenoestrogens act as "false" or "foreign" estrogens and help activate hormonal imbalance in many females.

This is termed "estrogen dominance".

This dominance (excessive levels) of estrogen or alternatively, low levels of progesterone, can cause enormous problems, including menopause symptoms (osteoporosis, breast cancer, uterine cancer, hot flushes, irritability, as well as many other symptoms), PMT (PMS) and infertility.

Xenoestrogens and free radicals have even been shown to be causing a dramatic reduction of sperm counts in males (of all species - including humans) throughout the world. This is an enormous problem that requires correction on two fronts.

Firstly: reduce the estrogen dominance.


  • Reduce xenoestrogen intake by reducing ingestion of red meats and decreasing your exposure to plastics, “off-gassing” chemicals, pesticides, and similar products.
  • As well, you can reduce your exposure to estrogen (eg HRT) and reduce obesity (which also leads to increased levels of estrogen in the body).
  • Combat xenoestrogens by taking antioxidant supplements.

Secondly: Increase the level of natural progesterone in the body.

  • This has been reported to be possible by the use of topical supplements (creams) of chaste berry and also natural progesterone which is derived from wild yam extract.