Before You Start

Here are some things for you to evaluate if you want to get started...

When you join you will be presented with a Distributor Manual (provided for free and emailed to you - or you can download it from the Member's Area). This Manual contains considerable detail. However, in order for you to quickly evaluate this business and to understand what is required, the following outline will quickly give you a few ideas.

  1. Decide what you want from this opportunity. If you just want to buy the products at a cheaper price, then much of what is mentioned in the Distributor Manual and the training files is not relevant to you. But if you want to make some extra money - whether an extra Lac per year, per month or per week (or per day) - then it is essential that you get some basic information on how to do this business.
  2. You must decide what you want (if you aim at nothing in life then that is exactly what you will achieve... nothing) then you must decide on the price (work rate and money input) that you are prepared to pay (more details about this are on the Audio Training Files).
  3. Then you must pay the price. There are no short cuts.
  4. If you are going to pay the price, then get some information about how to establish a multi-level franchising business. That is easily accomplished by getting (downloading) the Beginners Training Audio Files.
  5. Listen to and read the information and talk to your upline Leaders and your sponsor.
  6. Make a list of people you know (there are many ways to do this and they are outlined in the online Manual).
  7. Contact the people on your list. There are many ways to do this and they are explained in the Manual and in many of the Success Alliance™ India Audio Training Files. Details are also supplied in the online training newsletters.
  8. Send the people on your list some information. There are many variations on how to do this and what to send. The online Manual explains this.
  9. Do the follow up (ask them if they are interested).
  10. If they are, register them as a distributor and ask them what they want ( the Training Files explain how to do this). If they want to make additional income then recommend that they do just what you have done (which is to repeat steps 1-10).

Realise that the process is very simple and aim to keep it that way.